Payment Module for CMS Opencart

The ready-made Interkassa plugin will help you quickly integrate online card payments on websites created with Opencart. The module supports payment acceptance by Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay cards and other local payment systems, as well as work with e-wallets and alternative payment methods.

CMS Opencart has gained popularity primarily among online store owners: the platform offers many features to launch an e-commerce project from scratch. The Interkassa plugin will help to integrate different payment systems into such a project and to set up payment acceptance even without special technical skills.

How to install and configure the payment module

The Interkassa plugin is suitable for Opencart versions starting from 1.5.x.

To complete the integration, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the module version matches the CMS version.
  2. Download the Opencart payment module and place it in the root directory of the website.
  3. Go to the administrative panel under Store > Payment systems > Add Payment System and select Interkassa from the list.
  4. Complete the configuration by filling in the required fields, specifying the test and secret key, checkout number and other parameters. This data is available in your personal Interkassa account.

Once the payment system is installed and configured, it will be assigned an identifier (ID). This number must be entered into the value of the variable 'PAY_SYSTEM_ID_NEW' in the file located at [website_root]/payment-interkassa/callback.php.

If you have any difficulties at any step of the payment module installation, you can always contact the Interkassa support team for assistance. They are available 24/7.

How the payment module works

After the plugin installation is completed, a new bank card payment method will be available on your website. When the customer selects the goods and indicates the delivery address, he will be able to choose the payment method, to go to the Interkassa payment page and make the payment. Payment details will be displayed in your admin panel.

When setting up payment acceptance, you decide where to redirect the user after a successful or failed payment. You can offer them to continue shopping or try to pay for the goods again.

How Interkassa helps your business grow

We are constantly working to ensure that your customers can pay online comfortably and securely. By connecting to Interkassa, you will get additional opportunities for business growth and will be able to accept payments from Europe, Asia, Latin America, the CIS and Canada.

We also offer:

  • Multicurrency payment acceptance: every business can expand abroad without any difficulties in receiving payment;
  • Adaptive payment page: you can customize colors and fields of the form depending on brand identity and business objectives;
  • Individual rate: the more transactions and the higher the company’s turnover, the lower the commission;
  • 24/7 support service for businesses and payers;
  • Flexible antifraud system that blocks fraudulent transactions and simplifies low-risk payments;
  • Tracking the order payment status can be done in your personal account or admin panel of the website;
  • One-click payments – the customer enters the card details once, and the next purchases are made without filling out forms and entering payment data;
  • Apple Pay/ Google Pay, the technologies that allow paying quickly by a saved card and increase the number of completed purchases.

If you still have questions or need help in configuring payment via the Opencart payment module, please, email our technical support team: [email protected]