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Use the token for one-click payments, recurring payments, and payouts

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Card data is secured

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The token replaces the card details. We create a token according to the principle “1 website — 1 card — 1 token”, and it can’t be decrypted. Even if a fraudster somehow receives the token, they won’t be able to use it.

    Token features for business
    One-click payments
    The buyer doesn’t need to go to a separate payment page and enter card details. They just need to pick a product and click the “Pay” button in the shopping cart or another website page.
    Recurring payments
    Use the token to automate the payment process.
    Instant payments to the card
    Use a token to transfer funds to the cards fast and securely.
    How to get a card token
    Automatically after the first payment
    The buyer fills out the form with the card details and confirms the payment. After a successful payment, we create a token and transfer it to you.
    When a client links their card to an account on your website
    The client enters the card details in their profile. We authorize the card and transfer the token to you, and the card is stored in the client’s account for further purchases.

    Tokenization benefits for business


    Higher payment conversion

    Fast payments from any device: the client doesn’t need to spend time filling out the form.


    Less technical work

    The tokenization process is all on us. You just get a token.


    Infinite tokens

    It is a token type for Visa/Mastercard cards. Even if the client reissues the card, the token remains valid.

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