Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and Сonditions

The following definitions will be used here:
“Your” or “you” means any legal or natural person who will use the service (“Users”) unless otherwise indicated.
The definitions of “INTERKASSA”, “we”, “Partners”, “our Partners” or “ours” refer to INTERKASSA, as well as its partners, subsidiaries, unless otherwise indicated.

1. Interkassa services

1.1. International Company Limited (hereinafter INTERKASSA) is a payment service aggregator and can, in order to provide services and achieve its goals, cooperate with financial companies, banks and other financial institutions (licensed). INTERKASSA provides software for processing online payments, as well as information and technical services for sending / receiving payments using alternative payment options. The actions of INTERKASSA partners in the provision of the INTERKASSA Service are not considered as INTERKASSA actions.

1.2. The list of Services includes, but is not limited to:

  • providing technical support for creating accounts;
  • guarantee access to transaction management and monitoring tools;
  • providing information on the status (success) of the payment;
  • prompt provision of the necessary technical support to both you and your customers;
  • using the list of available options for withdrawing / receiving payments in online mode;
  • advising and providing information and technical support in the event of malfunctions, operational errors and technical failures that impede the normal functioning of the Service;

1.3. This Terms & Conditions (“Agreement” or “Terms”) is an agreement between INTERKASSA and you, which applies to the use of INTERKASSA ™ software, as well as any services and products associated with it, accessible through INTERKASSA (collectively referred to as the “Service”). In the event that you do not give your consent to comply with all the terms of this agreement, do not use our Services.

1.4. You need to read, accept and give your consent to all the terms and conditions that are contained in this Agreement, as well as the Privacy Policy, which includes all those terms and conditions that are described in detail below, as well as those included as links, before  you join the INTERKASSA as a member. We recommend that while studying this Terms & Conditions, you also familiarize yourself with the information that is on other pages or web portals that were mentioned in this document, since it may contain various additional conditions and provisions that apply to you, as one of the users of INTERKASSA.

2. Legal aspects

2.1. To use the Service, you need to go through the registration procedure. Users are allowed to have only one account. We provide the Services only for legal entities or individuals concluding legally binding agreements that comply with applicable law. Without the limitation set forth above, our Service is inaccessible to minors (under 18 years of age) or legally incompetent persons.

2.2. The service from INTERKASSA is provided to you exclusively for personal use. In the event that you agree to be bound by these Terms, we grant you the non-commercial, personal, non-exclusive, revocable, non-assignable and non-sublicensable right to use the INTERKASSA Service, the website, as well as all its contents for personal purposes only, in compliance with applicable law and the Terms.

2.3. Such use of the Service, that will contradict these Terms, will be considered a violation of the Terms, which may entail unfavorable circumstances for you.

3. Legal relations

3.1. Through cooperation with Partners, INTERKASSA gives you the opportunity to receive payments or send them to third parties by providing software for information and technical services for processing online payments. Partners act as your agent, based on your requests and instructions for using the Services, which require us to perform various tasks on your behalf.

3.2. You agree that INTERKASSA is the payment service aggregator where the payment processing service is provided by our Partners. Partners are not authorized persons regarding your money, they act only as agents and custodians. You give your consent that you will not be charged interest or any other income from those funds that are processed by our Partners as your agents.

3.3. In the process of initiating and sending payments using the INTERKASSA Service, as well as adding funds to your account, our Partners are appointed by you as your agents, who can receive money on your behalf, as well as make payments to those recipients who will be appointed by you or transfer payments to a special account, taking into account all restrictions and conditions in accordance with this Agreement. In the process of sending your payment until it is received by the recipient (which often happens instantly), you are the owner of these funds, and your funds are held by our Partners as your agents, however, you will not be able to withdraw these funds or send them to another recipient until the initial transaction is canceled. In the process of receiving payments through the INTERKASSA Service, our Partners are appointed by you as your agents responsible for storing funds in the combined accounts until the Partners have instructed you on the transfer of these funds. Using the web portal, you have the opportunity to instruct the Partners regarding the withdrawal of funds, as well as transfers to 3 persons, in accordance with the restrictions and conditions of this Agreement.

3.4. INTERKASSA is the payment service aggregator, and our Partners are payment service providers. After you choose the replenishment method when using the payment instrument that is subject to the right to return money, you agree that you will not make such chargeback right, except in cases of unauthorized use of the payment instrument or after violation of these INTERKASSA Terms of Use, by for which reason you have the right to refund the amount that has been downloaded. You do not have the right to recall or chargeback any transaction for the reasons due to which INTERKASSA does not bear any responsibility, including (but not limited to) disputes with sellers for not providing services or goods, as well as insufficient balance on balance of the payment instrument. We reserve the right to charge you, as well as expenses that will be incurred by us due to the chargeback or any other actions that have been taken to challenge this. We may also charge a chargeback fee.

3.5. Chargebacks are limited to one percent (1%) of the total amount of transactions processed by INTERKASSA Partners of your account during one (1) month. If this rate is exceeded, this will be considered a violation, and will entail a financial penalty. Also, because of this, INTERKASSA and Partners may terminate this Agreement by completely closing your account with funds that were there for one five hundred forty (540) days after the last transaction. At the end of this time, the account balance will be returned, except for chargebacks, service fees, fines, and other fees. In addition, you give your consent to the fact that you will not promote, offer, advertise, imply, inform or advise any of the customers of the “chargeback”, as well as the “refund” for the services or goods that you offer. You agree that INTERKASSA and its Partners have the right to automatically remove from your account losses that may be incurred by INTERKASSA. Funds, as a reserve, can be stored with Partners until it becomes clear that your account is protected and INTERKASSA will not incur losses.

3.6. You agree to undergo the KYC verification procedure with the involvement of third-party organizations (our KYC providers), which, in turn, use such information only for verification, in full accordance with the GDPR rules.

3.7. INTERKASSA Services cannot be used if you engage in activities related to child pornography, weapons, drugs, propaganda of sexual / ethnic and / or racial hatred, social discrimination, can offend any person and / or organization; in any way may violate the rights of 3 persons, incl.  minors; information that is provided by you and all your actions that you perform using the INTERKASSA Service and our partners cannot be misleading, inaccurate or false; cannot have any connection with the sale of stolen or counterfeit things; must not infringe copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or any other rights; cannot violate any regulatory acts, laws, contracts, decrees or statutes; cannot contain any computer applications and programs, viruses that abolish bots, Trojan horses, Easter eggs, worms, or time bombs that can damage, secretly intercept or expropriate any system, data, or any information. The above list is not complete. INTERKASSA has the right to refuse to cooperate with you or terminate it if we deem it necessary, without any explanation.

3.8. You give your consent and confirm that in case of violation by you of the rules of International Payment Systems, all fines that will fall on INTERKASSA in connection with these violations are subject to your full payment, by full retransmission of the received penalty to you. In addition, you give your full consent that INTERKASSA is entitled and may take legal action to recover its damages, which may exceed the amount of the fine. You agree that 50,000 US dollars currently is a reasonable minimum estimate of INTERKASSA's losses.

3.9. When connecting, you need to coordinate the resource from which you plan to make payments. If payments are received from a resource that is not agreed upon, this gives us the right to stop working with you. You agree that you will use the INTERKASSA service and the services of our Partners only for intended purpose. You do not have the right to receive payments for the specific purpose of transferring funds between Personal Accounts. If this violation is discovered by us, we will refuse to cooperate with you and / or terminate this cooperation if we consider this action necessary without explaining the reasons.

3.10. With the help of Partners, INTERKASSA may impose restrictions on the withdrawal of funds, as well as demand different additional information from you, depending on the presence of chargebacks, your location, the large number of complaints filed, a police request, etc.

3.11. With the help of its Partners, INTERKASSA has the right to restrict the transfer / sending of funds, as well as to require additional information of a different nature from you, depending on the presence of chargebacks, your location, the large number of complaints filed, a police request, etc.

3.12. You have the right to refuse to use the INTERKASSA Service, as well as services from our partners at any time, for this you need to send a request by email: [email protected]. Any funds that are processed or stored by our Partners at the time of closing the account will be transferred to you, provided that you have met all the authentication requirements, as well as those associated with the withdrawal of funds. In addition, you are forbidden to close your account as an opportunity to evade the investigation if the investigation is in an active phase. Our Partners are entitled to continue withholding your funds for 540 days, depending on the current situation, in order to protect INTERKASSA about the probability of a transaction being canceled. In the event that it is subsequently determined by you that you have rights to some or all of the funds, these funds will be provided to you by our Partners. You are fully responsible for all existing obligations that are associated with your account, even after it is closed.

3.13. Without limitation of other legal remedies INTERKASSA and/or our Partners have the right:

  • ask for the submission of documents that are needed to dispute chargebacks or to refuse to dispute if the documents submitted are not enough;
  • update false information that was provided by you;
  • set chargeback fees at own discretion;
  • block funds on your balance sheet;
  • limit the withdrawal of funds or suspend the account for an indefinite time;
  • disable payment methods, incl. and payment cards;
  • introduce a restriction on access to the account and all / some of its functions;
  • establish a reserve, hold, for a certain period of time in the event that we consider this action necessary;
  • to demand that you pay the full fine that we received in connection with the provision of the INTERKASSA Service to you;
  • set restrictions on withdrawal / replenishment methods.

3.14. INTERKASSA has the right to request data about the payer, his verification documents, additional information on the transaction, data on the provision of services, and other data that is necessary not only to dispute financial claims, but also to carry out fraud and AML monitoring. 

3.15. If the User within 6 (six) month does not use the Service,  then starting with next month after the expiry of the above-mentioned period a monthly fee for account maintenance in the amount equivalent to 50.00 (fifty) euros is charged from the User Account till the moment when the balance in the User Account will be equal to EUR 0,00 (zero euros), after which the User Account is automatically deactivated and the Agreement is terminated.

4. Intellectual property rights

4.1. INTERKASSA, as well as all existing Services, products and logos that are described on this website, are registered trademarks of the Service or its licensors, and cannot be used or copied in whole or in part, unless there is a written permission from INTERKASSA. Also, without the written permission of INTERKASSA, trademarks and service marks may not be used, imitated or copied.

4.2. All these logos cannot be changed or used in such a way that INTERKASSA or the Service may be offended. Nor can they be used in a way that would imply support or sponsorship from INTERKASSA. INTERKASSA is a payment service aggregator, therefore, any partnerships, employee-employer and joint venture cannot be targeted by this Agreement.

5. Decision making

You agree that the use of the INTERKASSA Service will be at your discretion and that you will be solely responsible for any damage or loss that may result from such use or access.

6. Privacy policy

Use of the INTERKASSA Service is fully governed by its Privacy Policy (https://www.interkassa.com/privacy-policy/). For this reason, referring to these Terms of Use, we also refer to the Privacy Policy.

7. Disclaimer

7.1. You give your full consent to the fact that INTERKASSA, in the process of providing the Service to you, does not bear any responsibility for those actions that may be related to its use.

7.2. We disclaim all warranties and representations regarding INTERKASSA.

8. Change of terms of use

8.1. For more information or information about the Service, contact us or contact the support department.

8.2. We are entitled to amend this Agreement when necessary, by posting the amended terms on our website.

8.3. You have the right to terminate the Agreement with INTERKASSA in the event that you are not agree with changes. By continuing to use the INTERKASSA Services, you agree to the changes.

9. Procedure

The notification is considered to be sent 24 hours after its publication or sending email, which was specified by you during the registration procedure. In addition, you may be sent a special notice to the mailing address that you specified during the registration process. In this case, the notice will be deemed to have been sent 3 days after the sending date.

10. Legal disputes

In the event of a dispute between INTERKASSA and you, our goal will be to provide you with a cost-effective and neutral means to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible. Accordingly, INTERKASSA and you give your consent to the fact that any claims or disagreements that arose during the provision of INTERKASSA services (“Requirements”) will be settled in accordance with the relevant section of these rules. Before resorting to this, INTERKASSA advises first to contact INTERKASSA to find possible alternative solutions.

11. Arbitration

Any of the Claims (except for Claims of injunctive relief or other legal proceedings), if the total amount of compensation does not exceed US $ 25,000, you or INTERKASSA have the right to choose a solution to this dispute through mandatory arbitration, which may be conducted via the Internet, in by telephone or based on written statements, if personal presence is not a requirement.

12. Court

An alternative is to review the claim with a court whose jurisdiction is in the Marshall Islands.INTERKASSA and you consent to the subordination of the courts located in the Marshall Islands.

13. Additions

We cannot guarantee uninterrupted, permanent, safe and continuous access to the Service. The operation of our Internet portal may be disrupted due to various factors on which we do not have any influence. In the event that one of the provisions of this Agreement is recognized as being invalid or one which will not have legal force, this provision will be canceled, however, all other provisions will continue to be used. You agree that this Agreement (as well as the entire list of included agreements) may be automatically transferred by INTERKASSA to the 3rd party at our discretion after the acquisition or merger.