Requirements for merchants

Terms and conditions to integrate the Interkassa solutions

Content: what should be on the website

The website should provide credible information about the products, the seller, and the purchasing process.

Information about products and payment methods

  • Detailed description of each product/service: name, price, currency, characteristics, use specifications, payment methods.
  • Legal or export restrictions (if any).
  • Description of all available payment methods. It is crucial to specify limits and restrictions if any.

Information about the seller 

There should be contact information on the site:

  • phone number,
  • email,
  • messengers and social media,
  • company legal name and address.

Policies and agreements 


  • Terms & Conditions;
  • Privacy policy;
  • Cookie policy;
  • Payment cancellation and refund policy (mandatory under VISA and Mastercard rules);
  • Security policy for transferring cardholder data.

For specific business types 

  • Commodity business: terms of delivery, exchange, and return of purchases
  • Licensed betting, gambling: 
    - AML and KYC policy; 
    - Withdrawal policy and refund policy; 
    - Responsible gaming policy; 
    - License information; 
    - Warnings about age restrictions. It should be indicated that the website is for adults only; 
    - Checkbox on the registration page: the user must agree with the policies and confirm the age.

Technical requirements for the site

  • Fully working: the site is located on a real (non-test) domain, all functionality works correctly, and all sections are available to users.
  • SSL certificate: all URLs start with https.
  • All pages related to the sale of goods and services are on the same domain.
  • All internal links on your website should work and lead to the corresponding pages. Users are redirected to the 404 error page if the link is dysfunctional.
  • There should be a checkbox at the time of payment: the user must confirm that they agree with the site terms and return policy.

Use of the payment system logos

You can place the Interkassa and international payment systems logos on your website. This way, customers will know what payment methods you offer and what payment service they use. Please, use only the logos provided below.

Apple Pay
Google Pay
VISA Click to pay

What is forbidden to sell: prohibited items

If the store sells a product or service from the list below, it violates the law and/or the rules of payment systems.

Interkassa doesn’t work with the websites that sell the following products and services: 

  1. Any weapon, firearm parts, and components.  
    Exception: household knives and sports equipment. In that case, every product should go with the expert evaluation/certificate, showing that it isn’t a cold weapon.
  2. Pornography and sex services.
  3. Drugs, poisons.
  4. Advice on lending or paid search for creditors.
  5. Prescription drugs.
  6. Human organs and remains. 
  7. Tobacco. Exception: hookah tobacco.
  8. Jewelry, precious stones. Exception: silver products.
  9. Explosives, pyrotechnic substances, and materials.
  10. Equipment for spying and illegal trespassing. 
  11. Documents and/or forms to them:  
    passports, ID cards, and other identification documents (valid or recognized by any state), 
    student’s record books, diplomas, student cards, 
    pass tickets, travel cards, personalized event tickets, 
    permissions, certificates, licenses, transport documents, 
    issued (activated) SIM cards. 
  12. HYIP projects: any activity that has signs of fraud or deception.
  13. Goods and services that violate copyright, illegal/pirated audio and video materials. 
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