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Comfortable working conditions
Flexible schedule
The working day at the company usually starts between 8 and 10 a.m. Kyiv time, so you can choose when it is more convenient for you to start and finish work.
Convenient work type
You can work remotely, in-office or have a bit of both. Our office in Kyiv is open and waiting for you on any working day. The office is close to the subway and has everything you need in case of a blackout and a safe shelter to wait out an air raid.
Mutual caring and support
Even dispersed, we are always here for each other ready to share happy events and provide support. Just message HR managers or colleagues whenever you need help or advice on personal or professional matters.
We adapted to wartime conditions and are still going strong. Our employees are safe and have all the necessities to go through this uncertain time. They know that salary comes in time. They have a vacation to recharge and paid sick leave whenever needed.

Interkassa is one of the top 5 fintech employers


Value openness and honesty


Constant support and detailed feedback

It's okay to ask for help, give feedback and speak up when something's going on.


Care for each other

We do all it takes to make our employees feel comfortable in the office. And each team member contributes to that.


Trust and responsibility

We trust our employees as we know that each of them is a professional who's responsible for their tasks and works for mutual results.

We support social and charitable projects
Popularizing the idea of a cashless economy
We create educational projects, launch financial literacy courses and support such national campaigns as #ShakhraiHudbai and “Zdolai shakhraia”.
Supporting charity projects
Our company constantly cooperates with the "Blagomay" foundation. Together we help children in orphanages all over Ukraine.
Helping our country to bring victory closer
Our guys defend the country in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their hometowns in the Territorial Defense Forces. We buy and bring humanitarian aid, help children in orphanages and take care of homeless animals. We keep doing our job no matter what, so our country remains economically strong.
We rest as good as work
We love having office parties, playing board games, and participating in Race Nation. As a team, we conquer the ski slopes and have fun at corporate parties by the sea.
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